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I believe in nurturing the body, mind and spirit through purposeful learning. 

Hello and welcome! I’m Kelly, an herbalist, home project DIYer, and work-at-home mom of three awesome and crazy little boys. We are a bilingual, Jesus-loving, homeschooling family. We are kinda all over the place in our teaching methods (who says we have to pick), but they mostly encompass principles that of Montessori, Charlotte Mason, and road-schooling. 

Homeschooling my boys was an easy choice for me. I really disliked my public education experience, and my grades proved it. The monotony killed me! After being on the dean’s and president’s list during college, I started to love school. Turns out, I wasn’t a dummy. It was the learning environment I didn’t vibe with. I want my kids to experience life, not just read about it. I believe in nurturing a child’s sense of curiosity through all their senses. In doing so, you can bet they will remember better. 

My main goal  is to share my love and knowledge of holistic living. And that together, we can introduce our most precious little humans to whole-body health and healing through easy peasy activities, free printables and kid-approved recipes. So excited you are here!

_ Kelly

P.S. Have questions? I would love to answer them! Please click the “Let’s Chat” link below.

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